A B O U  T     U S

Company Logo

Our logo represents our motivation to be a guiding light towards the re-greening of the planet.

Corporate History

The company was conceived  in November of 2008, when the mortgage crisis that began in the United States spread across economies worldwide, and where crude oil prices and   energy costs surged to unprecedented levels.

It was a time when stark realizations were felt about the volatility of financial structures, coupled with food scarcity and rising poverty globally, that new paradigms in manufacturing, commerce, trade and socio-political orientations heightened awareness for  sustainable methods and practices.

Feasibility studies and supplier sourcing were conducted in early 2009. By May, the company was registered in the Philippines while the  Korean  factory, located in Yongin City, South Korea, began operations the first week of June.

The Philippine company is based in Marikina City, selected  for its orderliness, cleanliness,  and over-all investment  friendliness -- making it an  ideal haven for start-up companies. Its infrastructure and proximity to major urban centers enhances its sustainability for reaching the company's markets and customers.

Operations commenced on June 16, 2009.

Corporate Vision

An organization involved in harnessing technology for sustainable development,
environmental protection, and ecological preservation.

Corporate Mission

Provide state-of-the-art devices categorized as Best-of-Breed products for home and industry that promote safety, sustainability, and eco-friendliness; yet affordable to all income levels.

Ecological Orientation and Direction

Fundamental life experiences, from the 1960's to the present, have developed critical cognizance of the changes in environmental surroundings, climate, and general conditions of Philippine ecosystems. Environmental movements led by international organizations have spurred the participation and involvement of people throughout the world, to preserve and protect the only planet in this universe they call home.

Exposure to, and active participation in, technological developments harnessed for commercial purposes have been used by vanguards of environmental protectionism to promote eco-friendliness; and to seek out better development models that do not damage nor disfigure nature beyond repair.

Concern for sustainable models of development has become a growing global direction, and in this initiative, Ecolight Systems is an active participant. The corporation involves the merger of two nationalities, each with a distinct cultural heritage -- but united as one in adherence to sound environmental principles and practice; as well as the use of technology for sustainability.

This is the orientation that built Ecolight Systems. This is the road it will travel. This is the direction it will pursue.

Our Brand represents  Products that are:

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Energy Saving
  • Elegant in Design
  • Easy to Install

Home Office Address:
254 A. Bonifacio Street, De la Pena, Marikina City
Contact No. (632) 5019169

Korean Factory Address:
Ecolight Systems Technologies Asia Co.Ltd.
151-3, Sini-RI, Yidong-Myeon, Yongin City, Kyeonggi-Do South Korea 449-831
Tel. 82-31-337-2271-2    Fax: 82-31-337-2273
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