Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here's what  some of  our customers are saying about LUMINA.

"We installed LUMINA for our beauty salon here in Marikina. As with our other things, we knew everything will be busted after the Ondoy floods. We were really very surprised that
after a few weeks of mud clean-up of the place, we found out, the lights still worked."

"We wanted to test if LUMINA will really bring down our electrical consumption.  After a few months, we noticed a slight decrease in our electric bill. If  this goes on, we are thinking of buying more to light up additional areas in our manufacturing plant."


"Unbelievably brighter than what I used before."



"My contractor asked me if I wanted to try this new LUMINA lighting ballasts for a house he is going to build for me. And after seeing an actual test compararing brightness and electrical consumption,   I was convinced."