Power Factor Chart
Lumen Output Chart
Self Ballasted CFLs

Basic Lighting Industry Terminology

Lumen Maintenance
The luminous flux or lumen output at a given time in the life of the lamp and expressed as a percentage of the initial luminous flux. The mean lumens are the value at 40 percent of rated life.
Power Factor
The active power divided by the apparent power (i.e., product of the root mean square [rms] input voltage and rms input current of a ballast)
Rated Voltage
The voltage marked on the lamp.
Rated Wattage
The wattage marked on the lamp.
Rated Supply Frequency
The frequency marked on the lamp.
Rated Luminous Flux or Lumen Output

Initial lumen rating (100 hours) declared by the manufacturer.
Retired or Discontinued Product
A product that was properly qualified but no longer manufactured (as of the date on the list), but possibly still available in the market.
Run-up Time
The time needed for the lamp to reach 80 percent of its stabilized luminous flux after it is switched on
Self-ballasted Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)
A CFL unit that incorporates all elements, permanently enclosed, that are necessary for the starting and stable operation of the lamp and that does not include any replaceable or interchangeable parts. 
Starting Temperature
The minimum and maximum temperatures at which a lamp will reliably start.
Starting Time
The time needed, after being switched on, for the lamp to start fully and remain lighted

A manufacturer's written promise regarding the extent to which defective goods will be repaired or replaced
A unit of electrical power used to indicate the rate of energy produced or consumed by an electrical device.